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Wool is still one of the most natural fibres which is used. Both, warm, soft, light and easy to wear. Strechable, wool offers you an entire freedom of movements of your body. These qualities make the wool fashionable and indispensable. Wool is also a fashionable material for designers. VAL d’ARIZES company has still weaving and knitting wool for more than thirty years. It is especialized in manufacturing the “Tissu des Pyrenees” which is an authentic and natural fabric.

The “Tissu des Pyrénées” was created in the city of Bagnères de Bigorre at the end of the 19th century. At the beginning, women were hand knitting the wool. They were raising and brushing it with natural thistles in order to obtain a thick and a “vaporous” tissue. This new one became so successful that some factories were created to manufacture and develop it. However, the sales of products were mainly domestic so the name : “Tissu des Pyrénées”.

Today, VAL d’ARIZES is selling its own products on the French and the European market by channels of distribution like lingeries, “linges de maison” and traditional stores.

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  valdarizes - laine des pyrénées    
Valdarizes Pure Laine à Cieutat - Bagnères de Bigorre
  Tissu des pyrénées - La griffe des Pyrénées - France  
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